Happy Old Year, 2022?

So, that is the big question? What was last year like? Did you meet all your goals? Was it a happy, fulfilling, prosperous year? If so, WHY? If not, WHY not? Was it a repeat of 2021? If it was not any different than 2021, WHY not?

For many of us it was an awesome year. For others it was full of drama, grief, loss, sadness, pain, and other negative things.

When I say this next sentence, some of us will get upset, however, please follow the rest of the story. What we experience in our lives is what we have created first in our minds and thoughts. You might say, “That cannot be true. I did not want that illness. I did not want to lose my job. I did not want to get divorced. I did not want to wreck my car.”

Our minds are like a magnet, drawing to us those experiences that we have had in our thoughts. Now, I am sure most of us are not walking around saying, “I want to break may leg this year.” But we might be saying, “I hate this job. I would give anything to get out of here. I need some time off. The only luck I have is bad luck.”

We don’t say, “I want to wreck my car.” But you might be saying, “I need a new car. That piece of junk is always letting me down. My car is a wreck. I hate this car.”

When your mind and brain hear these statements and the feelings of frustration that go along with these statements, they are going to help you create that. So, if you break your leg, you do not have to go to work, you have had more bad luck, you got some time off. When you wreck your car, it is exactly what you said you wanted.

It is important to understand that every thought we have is really two thoughts. One is what we desire; the other is what we fear or what we are afraid that we will not have or do. Whichever one gets the most momentum is what we create.

Most people do not realize it, but the word, ‘want’ means lack. It literally means that you do not have something. So, when we say, “I want a new car”, what your mind and brain hear is, “I lack a new car.” Then your mind and brain will then do their best to help you remain in that situation, “lacking a new car.”

This might be difficult to really understand at this point, however, when you study these concepts more, you will begin to see that you can make changes for the better just by changing your thinking.

Humans are the only species on that planet that can think about thinking. All the other plants and animals can only react to what is happening around them. We can think about what has happened to us and can say, “Yes, I desire more of that.” or we can say, “No, I desire something different.” Then we can use our brain and mind to create a different, better outcome.

How do we do that?

I explain it all in my book, A Shortcut to Success, but for now you must do three things. First, pay attention to what you are saying and thinking. Then clean up the thoughts that are not exactly what you desire. Second, write down some clearly stated goals for 2023. They can be general, specific, or just a feeling.

Write them in six words or less.

For example, “I drive a great used car” or “A new red Chevy truck” or “Safe, reliable, economic transportation”. Third, make a mental movie of yourself doing what it is that you desire to experience. For example, driving your used car to work and your coworkers are complimenting you on it, driving your brand new red pickup to a great dinner date with your wife, or imagine it is 2024 and you have 25,000 miles on your car and your mechanic comments that he only sees you for routine maintenance.

This is how you create every part of your life.

Stop sabotaging yourself. State your goals clearly in six words or less. Envision yourself being, doing and having those experiences. Like a magnet you will draw these things to you so you can be, do and have them.

Begin small.

Begin to watch your words and your thoughts. Write one goal in each of the key areas of your life: family and relationships, job and career, fun and recreation, finance and money, and health and wellness. Then every night before going to sleep, create a mental movie of what you desire your life to be like.

Do not be concerned about HOW those things could happen, just imagine being the person who is doing and having them.

When you do this, you will begin to get ideas and intuitions. And you will be at the right place at the right time. AmaZing coincidences will occur to bring your goal to you.

2023 will be a great year and at the end of it you will be in awe of what you have accomplished.

Happy Old Year and make it a Happy AmaZing New Year.


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