Retirement Again

For some people this time in life is something they look forward to with great anticipation, to end their job and do nothing. For me, retirement is a time to transition into doing something else.  Last week, I turned 72 years old. That just does not seem possible. For me this transition is a relief from the stress of work and concern if I treated the patients correctly, but it is also a time of sadness and a type of grief, letting go of a 47-year career of providing health care to many wonderful people.

So, what am I going to do now? We plan to continue to travel to interesting places like our recent trip to Kenya. In two weeks, we are going to Dubai. (Bucket List) I will also become an expert golfer and spend time with Barb traveling on our Harley trike. I will continue to write books and blog as well as create natural health training programs for health care providers and patients. I will also continue speaking, teaching, and working with iTeraCare energy healing devices.

I am happy to say that Dr Lory Read will continue to cover some patients at the Healing Center two days per week. She will be taking over the care of patients who wish to have natural health consultations. She will continue doing DOT/CDL physical exams for truck and bus drivers. Dr. Read has spent the last 3 years working at the Born Clinic in GR. She will be doing integrative health consultations, but not providing Primary Care services here at The Healing Center. She will not be billing Medicare or insurance.

The Healing Center as a business has been under the management of Mark and Tonya Nichols for the last six year. We continue to support them in every way that we can. We plan to continue to own the Healing Center building and live upstairs. No lawn to mow. No driveway to plow.

For us, this is a year of change. New goals. New dreams. New travels. Retirement means changes, not termination.

Thank you all for your part in my great career.

Put Your Health in Your Own Hands.


One thought on “Retirement Again

  1. Congratulations on this new phase of your life! I’m so happy for you and Barb. Continue to share your blessings with others and making this world a better place!!
    God’s speed to you,
    Lora Boroff


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