Every year we have the opportunity to celebrate the day of our birth. Why? Tradition? What does it mean? Mostly it means that our friends and family are happy that we were born and lived to be part of their lives.

Most of us probably never give this a second thought. It is our birthday, and we receive congratulations and cards and gifts. And then we just go on living, expecting more birthdays in the future.

A birthday is not just about the traditional routine that we go through but let us take some time to think about the person who we are today. Where did we begin? What was the journey? How did we get to this point in our lives? We are the only ones who know the whole story of our lives. The struggles and the blessings.

I am grateful for the parents who brought me into this world. They not only gave me excellent genetic material, but they gave me many other things of great value. They gave me guidance which became values and morals, and a work ethic that has given drive to my life.

What is the purpose of our lives? Not just our profession or our relationships, but who do we influence? If we have brought children into this world, then we celebrate their birthdays. Have we guided and provided them with a great start? If we have, then we can celebrate our own success. If not, then we must think about what we can do differently at this point to support them as they find purpose for their own lives. After a certain point, they must find their own way. How do we impact our spouses? How about our coworkers? Our employers? Our employees?

A birthday an opportunity for contemplation and discernment. How have we been doing? What can we do better? It is a time to think about the future. What are our goals? For our Work? Relationships? Recreation? Health? Money? It is time to honestly review the past. Do changes need to be made? How do we clarify the goals that need to be changed? How do we find the next purpose for our lives so when the next birthday comes around, we can see how we have built our self-worth. This way our purpose for being becomes more and more fulfilling. That then gives us more drive to live a long and healthy, happy life.

Happy birthday to everyone who will celebrate one of those special days during the next year. Make this the best year of your life.


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