Fear is a natural emotion that is part of our self-preservation response both as individual human beings and as a species. As a species it is genetically bred into us from our ancestors who fought the physical dangers of life, creating the survival instincts that we use today without consciously thinking about it.

Our individual fears come from our parents and other care givers that we associated with during our growing up years. We do not have to make apologies for those fears because they are in place to keep us alive. Each of us has built into our belief systems something called risk assessment. We are constantly evaluating what a risk is personally going to cost us. This cost is determined by those growing up filters and by what we read and hear about on the news programs and through social media.

Fear is used to sell concepts and ideas all of the time. Why do we buy insurance? Fear of losing something or fear of what might happen to us.  Why do we go to the doctor? Fear of dying or fear of some bad disease. Why do we take vitamins and supplements? Why do we take vaccines? Fear of a bad disease. Why don’t we take vaccines? Fear of a bad reaction to the vaccine. Why do we take cholesterol medicines? We have been sold a story by the drug companies and we are afraid we might have a heart attack. Why do we save money for the future? Why do we make investments? Why do we pay our taxes? Why do we need passwords on our accounts? Why do our ministers and churches use guilt and fear of hell and eternal damnation to try to get us to follow their rules?

We all use fear to get what we desire, and we are all the victims of fear tactics imposed on us by those who want us to do something.

Where did we get these fears? Someone wanted to protect us. Someone wanted us to learn from their experience. Someone wanted to sell us products or services. Someone wanted us to buy into a concept or an idea. Someone wanted to control our behavior.

When we are fearful and confused, we are much more susceptible to the recommendation of others. Who are these others? Our family. Our friends. Our leaders in government, church, school, business, and health care.

We certainly are in a state of global confusion and fear right now.

What can we do about it? Most of us are powerless to change the things in the outside world, but we can change what is going on in our inner world. If you are experiencing fear of becoming seriously ill or dying, I have three suggestions. One, when the fear seems overwhelming use Bach Flower Elm. Put four drops in 20-30 ounces of water and just sip on that. Two, take homeopathic Arsenicum 30C, one pellet 3-4 times per day for fear and restlessness. Three, learn to relax mentally and physically with a guided mental healing trip through your body. Healing Trip Through Your Body.

It is time to Put Your Health in Your Own Hands.


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