What do We Know Now?

In this blog, I have taken a stand. I do not think this is nearly as serious as we originally feared. Our fear has now become the illness.

Yes, many people have gotten ill and many have died. There has been no clear direction for how to manage the medical part. The fear created by the media has harmed a great many people and has eroded everyone’s confidence in trusting the news and our leaders. The shutdown of the economy has harmed millions of people.

It is important to understand that I certainly do not have all the answers. I have opinions based on experience and observational knowledge of how our immune systems work.

When this infection first came on the scene in late February, we did not know what it was going to look like. There were legitimate concerns that it would have a very high mortality rate. The media and the governments painted a bleak picture and recommend physical distancing, stay at home, and shut down the world economy. They did not recommend masks. I was clearly in agreement with everything but the mask issue. I recommended that everyone wear a mask based on the physics of airborne transmission of viral particles.

So, in retrospect, what do we know now, in August?

We know that this is an infection can make people very sick and that it can kill people.

We know that the virus can cause microscopic blood clots in the airways and in the blood. Early on, treatment for the very sick was to use a ventilator. That is standard treatment when someone cannot breathe on their own. We now know that the ventilator treatment pushed the microscopic blood clots into the alveoli (the air sacs where oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged with the blood). This ventilator treatment literally caused many of the deaths. But we did know how this virus works.

We know that most of the deaths have been in people with other health problems.

We know that only 30 children have died from this infection.

We also know that it can be very mild and completely asymptomatic.

We know that other coronaviruses have been around for years. The common cold which all of us have had is a coronavirus.

We know that this virus is rapidly mutating. That means it is going to be around like the flu, different every year. We know that the severity of the current illnesses is not nearly as bad as it was this winter and spring. Perhaps it has mutated already into a less virulent form.

We know that the hot weather kills the virus both in the air and on surfaces.

We know that sustained close contact is needed for airborne transmission.

We know that transmission from surfaces is not very likely.

We know that you can eat this thing and the virus can be found in the bowel movements of people and it does not make them sick.

We know that the homeopathic nosode remedy that we made at The Healing Center has been used to successfully treat 27 people. We made a video showing how you can make this remedy yourself in your own kitchen. We also have some for sale at The Healing Center. The cost is $18 and that will treat a whole family. It is for treatment, not prevention. Some people ask me, “If this is so great, why have you not treated more?” The reason is that the cases we currently are seeing are so mild, patients are getting better without any treatment. Another reason is that there are very few cases around here. Third, we are not advertising this, just word of mouth. Very few people know anyone personally who is really sick, in spite of positive testing.

We know that inhaled steroids have been effective in treating some ill patients. This was the treatment used in Taiwan, a country of 21 million people where there were only a handful of deaths. It has been used by a doctor in Texas with hundreds of patients with great results.

We know that early treatment with hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and Zithromax is quite effective.

We know that there has been a lot of fraudulent reporting of deaths and testing results.

We know that nearly everyone on the planet will eventually get this infection. Most will not even know they have it. That means that our immune systems are strong.

We also know that herd immunity is occurring now between 15-20%, not the 60% that was previously predicted. If you want some support for that thought read this blog: https://jbhandleyblog.com/home/2020/6/28/secondwave

We know that fear, anxiety, and depression are rampant. The people that do medical billing tell me that there are many, many more diagnosis of anxiety and depression than they have ever seen. I have one patient who left his home yesterday for the first time since February. We are afraid of each other. No hugs. No handshakes (a bond of intimacy that confirms a connection with someone). No gatherings. No group energy. No church.

Just fear of each other.

We know much more than we did when this all started. I think this is a real-life enactment of the Danish folktale, The Emperor’s New Clothes. If you are unfamiliar, listen to the story of The Emperor’s New Clothes.

I think that there are too many people who have a vested interest in keeping the story alive. So, stop for a moment and think. Ask yourself, “What am I afraid of?” Wear your mask and follow the rules if you feel fear and you wish to be safe and protect yourself. But perhaps we should listen to the child in the story and recognize this situation for what it is.

Put away your fear. Fear makes your body acidic and more susceptible to infection. Trust your own body to care for you. Trust that there are treatments available. Trust that if you get this infection, that you will likely experience a flu like illness, recover, and you will go on to live a long and healthy life, just like you have done many times in the past.

Be Well and Put Your Health in Your Own Hands


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