Coronavirus and Microscopic Blood Clots

Of all the video and publications out there, this one makes the most sense to me. The theory is that the inflammatory reaction to the coronavirus is the production of microthrombus (microscopic blood clots) on the epithelial cells of the linings of the airways and blood vessels.

What do this mean?

The virus enters a cell that lines the inside of the airways. Nose, trachea, bronchial tubes, and bronchioles (the smallest airways) and the alveoli (the air sacks where oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged. The virus damages these cells and in response the body makes very tiny blood clots that prevent oxygen from entering the blood from the airway. The research suggests that in some people this also happens to the epithelial cells that line the inside of every blood vessel in our body. This leads to body aches, joint pain, headaches, fatigue, and many of the lingering symptoms of this infection.

If you wish to read the interview or watch a video that explains the process, click here.

 So, what can we do about that? Our body make clot busters that will get rid of these tiny clots. It is called fibrinolysin. We can only make it in limited amounts and some people make more than others. I am not sure, but perhaps the vitamin D, C and zinc help produce that. Perhaps the homeopathic remedy that we made, and the one you can make yourself help to produce that. I really do not know and have not had time to research the production of fibrinolysin in our body.

Here is what I do know.

There is a combination of an enzyme and a homeopathic that will dissolve blood clots. We have treated multiple stroke patients and many people with injuries that had hematomas and large bruises. This combination of Nattokinase and homeopathic  Lachesis 6C has been very helpful in all of these cases. The Nattokinase is an enzyme that will digest fibrin. Fibrin is the main ingredient in a blood clot. The homeopathic  Lachesis is made from snake venom. It contains a blood thinner. When a snake bites its prey in nature, this component of the venom causes bruising and blood clotting. In homeopathy, remember “like cures like”. So, the remedy reverses bruising and blood clotting. It also helps break down fibrin.

If you know of any person who had this infection, but has not fully recovered, they could try this combination. It is very safe. (People who are already on blood thinners should talk to their doctor. Most likely they would not need this anyway).

It might be a good idea to have some of this on hand, just in case you get this infection or know someone who does. It is a little pricey, around $60 for the two for a month. You will not need to use it that long. We have these two at The Healing Center and will take orders if we run low. You can buy them at any health store. This should not be taken preventively.

Nattozyme Plus made by Nature’s Sunshine Products or generic Nattokinase, one capsule twice a day until symptoms are gone and Homeopathic Lachesis 6C, one pellet under your tongue twice a day after swallowing the Nattozyme.  (Most stores have Lachesis in 30C potency, but this is not the recommended potency. You must use Lachesis in a 6C potency)

Put Your Health in Your Own Hands.


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