Response Letter to Administrative Complaint

October 23, 2020

I was somewhat distressed to receive this administrative complaint on October 10, 2020. I contend that I have done nothing unlawful, illegal, or outside of my scope of practice as a certified Physician Assistant practicing Integrative Medicine.

First, to understand my position on this, you must understand who I am and my journey through 44 years of practice as a PA (I hold Michigan License #67). Next you must understand the circumstances under which I created a homeopathic Nosode remedy (C-JP 30C) to treat one patient with confirmed Covid 19 and the subsequent circumstances.

So, my personal story.

I am currently employed by The Healing Center in Lakeview Michigan as an Independent Contractor. I work two days per week, having semi-retired in 2017. My collaborating physician has been Dr. Willis Gaffney, MD for the last 15 years. He is planning to retire, and so I recently teamed up with Dr Rachel Williams, MD from Big Rapids, Michigan. She was in no way connected with any of the current administrative complaint. My wife, Barbara, and I live in a large apartment above The Healing Center that we renovated ourselves over the last 12 years. She recently retired from ownership and management of The Healing Center. She continues to manage Barb’s Enterprises, her rental property company.

I was born in Bozeman Montana into a poor rural farm family. I attended Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I graduated from Western Michigan University’s second PA class in 1976, Summa Cum Laude.

On my first day as a PA at Lakeview Medical Center, my great mentor, Dr Bruce Bennett, MD, gave me some sound advice. He said, “There are doctors who are technicians and there are those that are healers. You must learn to be both.” He also said, “Every patient who leaves your office should be saying to themselves,I am really glad that I came here today’.” And he said, “To the best of your ability, do no harm.” These words have been guiding principles and I follow that advice every day when I see patients.

When I finished PA training, I promised myself that I would work no longer than five years in any position as a PA. This decision was based on what I saw in my preceptors. Many of them lacked enthusiasm and suffered boredom with their work in the same place and with the same tired patients. For the first 30 years, I followed that promise.

As a result of that promise to myself, I have had a wide range of experiences and have become an excellent diagnostician and healer. I worked in Occupational Medicine, Urgent Care, Emergency Department, Family Practice, my own business, Temporary PA Services, working in multiple doctor’s offices on their days off, Integrative Medicine at the Born Clinic in Grand Rapids, my own business at the Healing Center and I currently serve a large Amish Community making house calls per week.

That position with Dr. Born in the early 1990s launch my interest in Complimentary and Alternative Medicine. During that time in my personal life, I had become extremely ill with Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, IBS, Allergic Rhinitis, Brain Fog, and Asthma. I worked and slept. I had been to see multiple specialists, Allergy, Pulmonology, Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology. None of them were able to help. The third day on the job at Born Clinic, Dr Born called me into his office and said, “I can see that you are ill. I believe that you have Chronic Candidiasis and Food Sensitivities as the cause.” I had no idea what he was talking about. So, we did a series of nontraditional tests and he was correct. Within six months, using nutritional changes, elimination of caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco, using natural medicines, probiotics, supplements, herbs, and mental / emotional reprogramming, I was completely well and have remained extremely healthy since then. At age 69, I have no significant health issues, take no prescription medications, and all labs are normal. I have not had a cold or infection in over 15 years.

This personal illness and recovery experience started me on a different path. I began to study natural medicine and became a Certified Natural Health Practitioner. This training was in the use of herbs, essential oils, and an introduction to homeopathy. I developed a whole new set of tools to offer patients. I began to attract chronically ill patients who had had very poor outcomes with traditional medical care. I started to develop a reputation for being able to help people who had fallen through the crack in the system. With the combination a traditional training as a PA and all my new education in natural health, I had a great deal to offer many people. I became an educator. Dr Born said, “If you repeat advice to someone more than thirty times, write it down in a little article or a pamphlet.” I did that. I also started to write a newspaper column and did that for 5 years. That was titled, Put Your Health in Your Own Hands. That information was later compiled into a 300-page book that has become a reference guide for my patients and others.

During this time, I became aware of the great amount of anxiety and depression among my patients. In the early days we had no good pharmaceutical meds to help with this, so I began to do a lot of counseling. I studied many modalities because traditional psychiatry was focusing on drugs for symptom control, not counseling and healing people. I studied religion and spirituality and become an ordained minister. This was not to have a church, but for the counseling techniques. I took training in hypnosis and became a certified hypnotherapist. I studied Neurolinguistic Programming and learned to remove anxiety and phobias in about 30 minutes. I studied under Jose Silva who developed the Silva Method of Mind Development and Stress Control. I became a certified Silva instructor and taught classes in stress management for eight year. I became a voracious reader and have a library of nearly 1000 books. I created a series of Mind Coaching CDs designed for stress management, ADD, Addictions, and correct mindset for Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy which are now available FREE on YouTube. I have been invited to be a speaker at the MAPA fall conference 5 times; each time presenting ways to integrate natural and alternative methods into a family practice. I have been a preceptor for multiple students from the CMU PA program and for many years have been a guest lecturer at Grand Valley PA program explaining natural and homeopathic medicine.

In 2018, I published a second book, A Shortcut to Success. It is a short 80 page, three step guide to removing old mental / emotional blocks that keep us stuck in our toxic comfort zone. It addresses clarification of goals and dreams. And teaches people how to think correctly from the future to improve the likelihood of achieving a desired outcome. In addition to this book, I have created an internet course called, Why Settle for Average, Be AmaZing to help people create better lives in the areas of Relationships, Career, Recreation, Money, and Health.

In 2004, my wife, Barbara, who had been a hairdresser for 35 years, had become a massage therapist and a Naturopathic Educator. She had to change careers because she had become ill from the toxic chemicals in the hair industry. She also had used alternative and natural treatments to heal herself after finding no solutions with traditional medicine. At that time, she had opened a health food store called The Healing Center in Lakeview Michigan. Two years before we had bought a 110-year-old condemned building and renovated the main floor for her Healing Center. At that time, I was working in a Family Practice and also at an Urgent Care. A few years after that, I hired Dr. Willis Gaffney, a general surgeon with family practice, to be my medial director and I started to see patients at the Healing Center while working part time at the Urgent Care. He was open minded about alternative medicine but was not trained in that area and really had no interest in that aspect of my work.  We consulted mostly by phone or referrals and I sent him monthly reports on narcotic prescribing, billing, etc. Our businesses were completely separate with no shared staff, records, or billing services. My business is very efficient with only a receptionist and myself. I did not have a nurse, or an MA and I handed all the rooming, vitals, history taking, referrals and charting on my own.

In 2005, I had a very serious case of influenza and had been ill for 4 days. I was working at the Urgent Care, wearing a mask, and a patient asked why. I explained that I previously had a severe reaction to a flu shot. Since I could no longer take them, I now had become ill with influenza. He suggested I try a Homeopathic Remedy, Oscillococcinum. I had never heard of this, but they sold it at Walgreens Pharmacy and I bought some on my way home from work that evening. At home I looked it up on the internet and found that Boiron, the French company that makes it, sold 14 million doses per year. That means that between three and four million people took this remedy to treat the flu each year.  I thought that if there was any problem with the medicine, they would not have that many repeat buyers. So, I took a dose at about 7 pm, and another about 11pm. By the next morning I was 100% symptom-free. I could not believe it. I did not understand. I had never seen a medication work that fast. It usually took 3-5 days to recover from the flu once it turned around. My first thought as a provider was, “what is this stuff?”  “How can that work so well?”  “Where can I get more information?”

There was a homeopathic doctor working a town nearby, so I called her. She invited me to meet in her office. She tried to explain homeopathy, but it just did not make any sense to me. She agreed to come to The Healing Center once a month and teach a class about homeopathy. I took her class with about 20 others, and by the third month I knew that I needed to know more about homeopathy. In my internet search, I found that in the early 1900s there had been 23 Homeopathic medical schools, one of which was the University of Michigan. The AMA had hired Abraham Flexner to review medical education in the US. Within a few years after his report, all of the Homeopathic schools had been shut down in favor of a evidence based model. By the internet, I was introduced to Dr. Robin Murphy, ND from Blacksburg, Virginia. He had a correspondence course and so for the next 5 years I studied with him and his group over the internet and in Virginia.

I began to incorporate homeopathy into my daily practice as an additional tool with results that went from no change to amazing. I came to understand that Homeopathy was a complete therapeutic system with over 3000 remedies. This was a system completely separate from the herbs and essential oils that I had learned about in my training as a Certified Natural Health Practitioner.

Here are some examples: Hom. Symphytum reduced healing time for fractures by half. Hom. Lachesis and an enzyme Nattokinase orally could dissolve fibrin clots in stroke patients. Hom. Calcarea Carbonicum with an herb Hydrangea has completely resolved Pulmonary Fibrosis in six of my patients who were told they were terminally ill. Hom. Ignatia for grief and loss. Hom. Phosphorus for fear of the dark and loud noises as well as eye problems such as floaters from vitreous detachment, glaucoma and early cataracts. Hom. Chamomilla for teething, colic, and ear infections. Hom. Gelsemium for mono and chronic fatigue following old cases of mono were completely better in less than two weeks. Separation anxiety in a six-year-old child, totally resolved in one dose of Hom. Avena Sativa. In the winter of 2019, I treated over 200 Amish children with Pertussis and Para pertussis using Antibiotics in the early cases and homeopathic remedies in the later cases. No deaths, two hospitalizations in infants. The local public health director was aware and supportive of these efforts. Homeopathic Arnica can be used for severe ankle sprains. They will heal in two weeks. Many plastic surgeons use Arnica routinely pre and post operatively to control bruising and bleeding. Boiron has many double blinded, placebo-controlled study for the use homeopathy for many symptoms ( I met a MD physician from Chicago at a CME who had been in practice 23 years. He almost exclusively used homeopathy, writing less than 100 prescriptions per year.

I combine tradition practice with drugs and surgery with all of naturopathic medicine and homeopathy. I understand that the few examples I just listed are just anecdotes and do not constitute evidence. But they do make up 15 years of experience which leads to more tools in my toolbox. For nearly every diagnosis you can name, I can give you the recommend traditional treatment and the homeopathic remedy or an alternative naturopathic therapy. Every Wednesday, on my Facebook page, I ask if there are any health questions. I answer these questions usually with both the standard Medical approach and the Natural approach, mostly with homeopathy. There are between 50 and 100 comments every week.

It is estimated that 80% of the population is using some sort of OTC medicines and other natural remedies. Would it not be wise for all medical care providers to have the ability to advice people on the benefits and faults of those therapies and how they can be used with along with traditional treatment.

In addition to that thought is the fact that because of how homeopathic remedies are made they can do no harm. No one has every died from using a homeopathic remedy. Never. That cannot be said for herbal, OTC, and prescription medication. In fact, some sources say that medical errors are in the top five causes of death in the US. I am not here to argue that, but I have never seen a severe reaction to a homeopathic remedy. Please read below the two-page letter that goes with every bottle of C-JP 30C remedy (this is the name given to the remedy that we studying) that has been dispensed. Page 2 gives four possible reactions to any homeopathic remedy: improvement of symptoms, medicinal aggravation, proving of new symptoms, and nothing.

Here is the information given to every patient that has used C-JP 30C.



From: Robert Huttinga, PA-C

Subject: Covid JP Nosode 30C

This remedy is made from nasal secretions of a confirmed positive Covid19 patient. It was placed in 90% alcohol first to kill the virus, then has been diluted 1/100 and succussed 30 times. In this process, none of the original material remains in the sample, but the energy of the Covid symptoms is in the remedy. It is not to be used for prevention, only to be used if there are symptoms of fever, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, body aches, or loss of sense of smell / taste or a confirmed test for Covid 19.

The dose is four drops in your mouth every 2-4 hours while awake until symptoms are gone. The more severe the symptoms, use more frequently.

Please keep some notes on how you feel before starting and after taking it over the next 5 days. Send to me by text 989-287-1986.

A medicinal aggravation is possible, but unlikely. If you feel sicker, let me know immediately at 989-287-1986. It means the remedy is too strong for your system. If that happens, we decrease the potency and or the frequency of use. We have not seen any aggravations at this time. (See page 2.)

If the bottle gets nearly empty, fill it ¾ full with non-chlorinated water and succus (shake) it 30 times. That means, put a folded towel on a hard surface and strike the bottom of the bottle on the towel repeatedly about 30 times.

When you are finished with that you will have a 31C potency.

Forty people have successfully used this remedy to date. All have gotten better within five days. You may share this on social media using This site gives people instructions how to make their own remedy and how to use it. You should watch video one before using the remedy, so you understand how it is made and how it works.

Please contact me if you have questions or concerns.

Robert Huttinga PA-C                                                                                  Page 1

There are four possible outcomes when using this remedy

1. A Homeopathic Aggravation

A homeopathic aggravation is characterized by a temporary worsening of the symptoms that the patient has been experiencing. An aggravation is considered a good sign by some  homeopathic doctors because it means that the remedy is a well-chosen remedy and suites the case. Normally, we just reduce the frequency of the medicine but with careful dosing, aggravations usually do not occur. An aggravation can be minutes or hours long. An aggravation is typically followed by a marked improvement in at least some of the symptoms that the patient presented to the homeopath with.

2. An Improvement of Symptoms

An improvement can include some or all symptoms. An improvement of any particular symptom can be partial or total. When reporting improvements to your homeopath, include improvements you are seeing on the physical as well as the mental and emotional levels. This helps the homeopath to ascertain just how appropriate this remedy is for your case.

3. “Proving” Symptoms

As part of the research process of homeopathic remedies, professionals perform what is called a “proving”. This is where a homeopathic remedy is administered to a healthy individual, and the symptoms caused by the remedy are recorded and used in the “materia medica” for that remedy (which is a description of the symptoms that the remedy treats). So, the symptoms that the remedy causes in healthy individual, will treat in an individual with those symptoms or that illness.

So, if you experience a symptom you have never experienced before upon starting a new remedy, this could be a proving symptom. If the proving is very mild and the remedy is benefitting the patient quite a bit, the homeopath may recommend the patient stick with the treatment but might change the dosing. So again, stay in close contact with your homeopath.

4. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada!

Yes, from time to time a remedy could be so far off that you take the remedy, and you see nothing! Before giving up, however, consider that the effects may not “kick in” until maybe the second or third dose, if not later. Also, the potency just might not have been prescribed high enough. Consider asking your homeopath if you should try a higher potency, more frequent dosing or change in remedy

Now, let us talk about how the C-JP 30C Nosode remedy came to be.

I friend of mine is a Naturopathic doctor in Wayland, Michigan. He called me April 3, 2020, stating that a friend of his who was an EMT in Gaylord had tested positive for Covid and been sick for 11 days. He wondered if I had any information on herbal or homeopathic treatment for this virus. The homeopathic network had many suggestions, but no one had, as of that time, found a consistent remedy that was working. I explained to my friend that I would suggest making a Nosode remedy from the patient’s own nasopharyngeal mucous. A Nosode is a homeopathic remedy made from diseased tissue or body fluids.

For example, we have an FDA approved remedy for treatment of genital herpes. It is made from the liquid inside of a vesicle cause by that virus. I have recommended that remedy dozens of times. When the patient has a breakout, they take the remedy four times a day until the vesicles are all scabbed over. They repeat that the next time it occurs. The interval between occurrences gradually widens until node further outbreaks occur. This works for cold sores also, using homeopathic HSV I. From the patient’s point of view, this treatment much better more economical than years of daily suppression therapy with Valtrex. Treatment cost is $15.00 for the total therapy compare to many prescriptions.

I once saw this demonstrated. While on a hiking trip up in the UP, someone got stung by a bee and began to get hives. One of the hikers was a Naturopath and knew about Nosode remedies. He took the bee that had stung the person and ground it to mush between two spoons. That mush was then placed in some vodka and stirred vigorously. One drop of that liquid (this is called a mother tincture) was put in hundred drops of water and then succussed (shaken vigorously by striking the bottom of the bottle on the bark of a log thirty times). Then one drop of that was mixed in one teaspoon of water (100 drops) and succussed again. This dilution and succussion process was done 10 times and then the person with hives was given a dose, four drops of the mixture. That would be called a 10C potency. The C refers to a 1 to 100 dilution (Roman Numeral for 100) and the 10 refers to the number of times it is diluted and shaken. The dilution and succussion continued and after doing that 20 times, he was given another dose, four drops. There was already some relief of the hives by that time. The process was continued until 30 dilutions and succussions had been performed. This would be called a 30C potency. All of that took nearly 20 minutes. The person was then given another dose and that dosing was repeated every 15 minutes. Within one hour all hives were gone.  Homeopathic Apis 30C, made from a ground up honeybee, is available as an FDA approved remedy for bee stings, hives, and some red rashes. I always carry it on outings and in my toolbox. And the really great thing is I know I can make the remedy anytime I need to.  It was this experience that gave me the idea to try to make a Nosode remedy for this coronavirus.

So, our first patient, I will call him JP, lives in Gaylord, Michigan. He was the one that my friend from Wayland called me about. I called him. He was somewhat familiar with natural medicine and homeopathy. I explained my plan and he agreed to try it.  I drove two hours to his home. I was a bit frightened by the horror stories from March and I wore personal protective gear. I collected a deep nasopharyngeal sample and immediately put it in 90% alcohol, using 180 proof Everclear. I then drove  back home and prepared the remedy using the procedure that is detailed in a video on my website, This process took a couple hours since I had not done it myself before. The next morning, I drove back to Gaylord to deliver the remedy. The instructions were to put four drops under his tongue every 2-4 hours while awake. This was April 5, 2020. In a phone conversation the next day at noon, he stated that he was 90% better. He stated that his sense of smell had returned after the first dose.

I was pleased yet very surprised. This was not what I expected. Much like my experience with the influenza remedy, I thought it would take at least a few days to recover.

It should be noted, I did not charge him for the remedy, my time, or travel expense.

Three days later, our niece reached out to us. She and her husband had just tested positive for Covid and had been extremely sick for 5 days. We drove up to Tustin, where they lived. Again, I collected a nasopharyngeal sample. He was too sick to get out of bed. He had a fever; his oxygen was 91 and 105 pulse. We took the sample home, I made the remedy, and the next day my wife drove back up there to deliver it. Same directions, four drops sublingual, every 2-4 hours. They both were totally recovered within 5 days. Again, no charge for time, materials, or travel expense.

About a week later, I got a call from someone in Mt Pleasant. She was a regular patient who was ill. She had tested positive 4 days before and had been to the ER three times. She had a pulse-ox monitor and her oxygen was running 88-92. Fevers up and down. Great anxiety and shortness of breath. The ER said she was not sick enough to be hospitalized. I went to her home to collect a sample from the deep nasopharynx, planning to make a remedy and bring it back the next day. As I was about to leave, she said that the ER had not given her anything, just said go home and rest and hydrate. She begged me, “Don’t you have anything that I can take now. Can I get Hydroxychloroquine?  I am afraid I am dying”. I told her that I did not have any experience with prescription  Hydroxychloroquine. I then told her that I had some of the Nosode remedy that I had made from JP. She asked if she could try that instead of waiting overnight. I explain how the remedy was made from the nasopharyngeal mucus of another person. She asked, “Will it make me sicker than I already am?” I replied that I did not know for sure, but my best experience with homeopathy was that it would either help or do nothing. I assured her that there could be no virus left in it because the swab had been put in 90% alcohol and it had been diluted 1 to 100, thirty times. She said, “Give it to me.” I give her a small dropper bottle of remedy that I had named C-JP 30C after his initials and the potency. The instructs were four drops under the tongue every two hours.

I went home and prepare a remedy from her swab. Before driving back to Mt Pleasant, the next day, I called her. She was about 50% better. Oxygen had improved. Anxiety about shortness of breath much better. She was still congested, coughing and aching. The fever was better. She said not to make the trip, but she would continue with the remedy that I gave her. I was pleased and again surprised. Over the next 5 days she improved completely. About a week later she relapsed. She took the remedy for two more days and recovered quickly.

There have been accusations of false advertising for the remedy.

Here is my first Facebook post from April 12 in which I mentioned the remedy that we were studying. The purpose of the post was to find more subjects so we could do a little investigation. There were not any sick patients in our area. You will notice that I was pushing masks and social distancing then and back in early March. You might note that I have over 2,300 Facebook friends and over 2,500 people that receive my blog/newsletter. The was no mention of selling the remedy.

Happy Easter my friends.

Here is a message of hope and resurrection from the mess we are experiencing.

It is two-fold


Another homeopath and I are working on a homeopathic remedy that is looking very promising. So far, the results are good, but we need more cases. We need some confirmed Covid patients and not confirmed sick people to use this remedy. It is not for prevention but for treatment. Once we get a bit more data, we can share details.

What is exciting is that if this works like we expect, the cost will be minimal, and people might be able to make this on their own.

So, if you know anyone who is sick who would like to be part of a trial, please have them text me at 989-287-1986 or


Dr Brownstein and his group in Detroit have almost a hundred successful recoveries.

I was skeptical at first but am sharing this because it gives me hope. They have a plan.

Please do not rush out and start doing this on your own preventively. Just listen and contact them if you want more information about what they are doing.

What is important about these two approaches is that there is a way out of this. We can safely create herd immunity without waiting for a vaccine. Once we know how to treat this on the front end, we can get back to work and living.

In the meantime, please keep wearing your mask in public. Keep physical distancing. If you get sick, we can treat that, but you will still have to quarantine for 14-21 days after last symptoms.

So Happy Easter. This will be one to tell you grandkids about. We will end this, but we have to do it together!!!!

Here is the next post, dated April 13.

Yesterday was a most unusual Easter for me.

I was sad and quite depressed. When I feel this way, I always find a quiet place and say to myself, “I want to see a picture of this feeling.” The first thoughts that come to mind after making this statement represent the feeling.  Then I mentally make changes in those images.

As an empath, I’m beginning to feel the anxiety and quiet desperation of many people. We are waiting and many times nobody around us is having any symptoms. We keep hearing about this horrible thing that is coming but not too many people are seeing or know anybody who sick. We are becoming impatient. We want to return to work. We’re frustrated with our government. I want answers. We want solutions.

Continue to wear your mask. Talk to your boss about returning to work. Talk to your representatives and senators about getting things moving again.

Be as active as possible. Do a project at home. Go out and ride your bicycle. Go for a walk in the sunshine or the rain. Go for a ride. Help someone. Buy groceries for someone who is in need. Talk to each other on the phone. Keep up your social networking and I do it on the phone as well as on Facebook. Talk about things other than this virus and the economy. Read a good book. Watch humorous and uplifting television. Listen to fine music. Wear your mask. Do something to get back to work.

We must pray and begin to make mental movies of ourselves beyond this situation, returning to work, the economy flourishing, the stores and businesses are open, and everyone is healthy.

The homeopathic remedy that we are working on seems to be effective, but we need more information. If you know anyone who is ill who is interested in participating in our trial, please contact me. Text 989-287-1986 or

Gradually, I began to get a few phone calls and emails and over the next two months, I treated around 20 patients. Some were extremely ill. Some had been ill for two months. Some were mildly ill with fever every 2-3 days for over a month. Every person who used the remedy C-JP 30C got better within 5 days. It is important to note that no one in the first 10 patients were charged for visits or remedy.

I wanted to spread the word that this remedy worked, and that people could actually make it themselves. I spent nearly $4000 making a video and putting together a website that would show people exactly how to make this remedy for themselves. People kept calling to see if we had the remedy for sale. No, we did not. We did sell some kits that contained all the materials needed to make the remedy themselves. These sold for $15.  

At some point in July, I met with the owners of the Healing Center, and because we were having many requests, we decided to begin to sell the remedy C-JP 30C. The cost was set at $18. I personally make every bottle of the remedy myself under clean conditions. I sell the remedy to The Healing Center for $3 each and the provide all the materials. It takes me about an hour to make twenty bottles of the remedy.

As you can see, this is not about making a lot of money or taking advantage of people. I am a long way from recouping my costs, but that is not the point. I am a healer and an educator, not a businessman. I approached this as a study and have data on 30 people who have used the remedy. I have had many emails from people who have gotten better. None from anyone who complained or were unhappy. Someone I know sent the remedy to friends in India and they have been making their own remedy with results of about 50 people using it and doing better.

So, in response to Count I, you can see that I have not be in violation of my general duties as a Physician Assistant trained in and practicing Integrative Medicine. There has been no negligence or failure to exercise due care. In fact, you should be able to see that the opposite is true. I have gone out of my way in an attempt to help resolve not only the symptoms of the viral infection, but also the fear and anxiety that has been produced by this situation. If you understand how homeopathic remedies are made, you can see that they can do no harm.

Look at how C-JP 30C is made. Watch the video of how to make it yourself. A nasopharyngeal swab was placed in 90% alcohol. That killed all virus and bacteria in the sample. Then that solution was diluted 1 drop to 100 drops 30 time. That is a 1 x 10 to the power of 60. Based on the physics of dilution it is not possible for one molecule of the original solution to remain. So physically it can do no harm. It is just water. The message that creates the beneficial effect is carried in polar molecular structure of water and the digital arrangement of the water molecules during the dilution and succussion process. This process is not well understood. It should be noted that when one is making a homeopathic remedy, there is no beneficial effect if dilution is done without the succussion.

After reading my story, my training, and my accomplishments, it should be clear that I am highly qualified to offer treatment for many illnesses and conditions that might not have solutions based on the accepted standards of care. Because I know traditional standards of care, I can more safely administer these alternative medications and remedies than the average Naturopath, Homeopath, or Herbalist who has no training in traditional medicine. In addition, I am certainly more qualified than any credentialed doctor, PA or NP who has no training in these therapeutic modalities.

In response to Count II, there has been no false or misleading advertisement of what I am doing. I simply reported the results of patients who took the remedy. This was done with transparency and honesty of what was really happening with my patients. There has not been one dime spent on advertising for the purposes of profit. All monies have been spent on education for purposes of treating people for the infection and the fear.

If there is any question of the quality of my care, I can provide hundreds of emails from satisfied patients and their families. I safely fill a niche that most doctors and PAs are unable to fill. When I give advice in my blog, on my Facebook page on Wednesdays, and in my posts, my newspaper column, my books, and CDs, it is for educational purposes. I do not promote my business. I do not promote purchase of expensive procedures or remedies. I promote results. If people, follow my advice, it is entirely up to them to decide where to purchase their medications and remedies.

It is my request that these allegations be dropped, and the matter closed.

It is my opinion that after evaluating all of this, you should not be looking at sanctions, but the real question should be, “How can we help promote this?” Here is a safe, inexpensive way for people to treat themselves. This not only can help heal the illness, but also the fear and anxiety and anger that are rampant as a result of this situation.


Robert Huttinga, PA-C

            Michigan license 10-01001067


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