Post Viral Neurasthenia

This is an old medical term that is not used much today. It refers to a cluster of symptoms that might follow viral infections and sometimes vaccinations.

Many times I see patients who say things like, “I have never felt well since I had the Flu in 2006, or Mono as a teenager, or that Flu shot three years ago, or since I had hepatitis in 1997”.

The symptoms might include fatigue, brain fog, intermittent fevers, chronic joint pains, muscle aches, nasal congestion and postnasal drainage, sensitivity to fragrances, chemicals and medications, chronic digestive issues, and more. If any of these can be related back to a past viral infection or an immunization, you could have a post viral neurasthenia.

My theory as to the cause of this is that our immune system fires up to fight off the virus. Our immune system is what causes many of our symptoms during an illness. Fever, fatigue, body aches, nausea, shaking chills, heart palpitations, cough, shortness of breath, etc. Once the virus is eradicated from our body, the immune system generally resets itself back to baseline levels. However, in some cases that reset does not occur and the immune system remains in a hyper vigilant state, causing a continuation of symptoms at a low grade or intermittent level.

This has not been scientifically proven in fancy double blinded studies, but it come from years of observation. It has also been observed in one of my homeopathic mentors, Dr. Robin Murphy from Blacksburg, VA. For treatment, we recommend Homeopathic Gelsemium 200C, one pellet twice a day for five days. I have been using this protocol on many patients for at least 15 years, both as a treatment, and as a test to see if this was from an old viral infection.

The results have been excellent. Most people recover in about two weeks; however, some must repeat the treatment if the symptoms return. Overall, this treatment seems to be helpful.

The remedy is available in most health food stores in a 30C potency and this might work, but the 200C potency seems to be most effective. Some stores, like the Healing Center, carry 200C potency remedies, but keep them behind the counter. Lower potency homeopathic remedies like 6C, 12C, and 30C are used for most ailments. The higher potency remedies are administered more carefully because people are more likely to have medicinal aggravations from these higher potency remedies. In the cases, of post viral neurasthenia, the higher potency 200C has worked the best.

Following this current infection that has stopped the world, most people are recovering fully, but we are starting to see some cases of relapse and odd symptoms which I believe are post viral neurasthenia as I describe earlier. We have been using Gelsemium 200C with excellent recovery. You only need to take it for five days. You can buy it on Amazon and health stores for anywhere from $10-14. You will get a bottle or tube of 80 pellets. You can share these with family if anyone else has post viral symptoms or store them since they have a long shelf life. Some health stores will sell you a five-day supply for $5 or so. You just need to ask if they do that.

In conclusion, nearly all of us will survive this infection if we get it. If you do get it be sure to take Nattokinase and homeopathic Lachesis 6C each twice a day until symptoms have subsided for 2-3 days. This will prevent the serious blood clots in the airways from forming and it will dissolve any that are already there. If you get some chronic or relapse symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, body aches, low grade fevers, resume the Nattokinase and Lachesis 6C and give the Gelsemium 200C a try, twice a day, but for only five days.

Be Well and Stay Well

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2 thoughts on “Post Viral Neurasthenia

  1. Can you use the Gelsium for reoccurring symptoms even if it has been awhile since you had the original virus and does this apply to all viruses.
    Thank you Bob you are so kind to offer your help.


    1. Yes you can take the Gelsemium, no matter how long ago the infection was. I successfully treated people for mono, hepatitis, influenza, vaccine reactions causing viral syndrome’s. I have not treated any other viral infections in this way but it would be worth trying if one can say they’ve never felt well since that infectious illness.


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