There is a Storm Coming

When I was a boy, my dad had an appendectomy scar on his right lower abdomen. Whenever a storm was coming, his scar would hurt. He would rub it and say, “A storm is coming. We better prepare.” As kids we thought he was crazy, but most of the time he was right. I know patients who experience the same thing.

How did he prepare? A week’s supply of food and water. Extra feed for the animals. Extra fuel for the cars and tractor. Sometimes dad would put a rope between the house and the barn. I never saw it happen, but often visibility during those Montana blizzards would be so bad that people got lost in the storm while trying to get to the barn to milk their cows.

Well, his advice is really good for us today as we can see a storm from this infection coming. We better prepare.

First, what is happening right now.

We have been through the first part of this since February. This summer things calmed down a little in most places. But now there is a big rise in cases. There are reasons for this. Much more testing. Many more asymptomatic cases are being identified.

Many of us have Pandemic Fatigue. We had a shut down. We all isolated and hunkered down. Most of us did not get sick. We think we have dodged the bullet. We are just over it. We do not want to think about it anymore. We just want to go back to normal. Some people just do not care. They do not worry anymore about getting sick for a few days with a respiratory illness that has a very low death rate.

Then there is Pandemic Anger. Many people think this is all a politically motivated hoax and it is not real. Many times, I hear it will all go away after the election. Those people are angry and chose not to comply with any of the recommendations.

And now in October we are all spending much more time inside. This virus is transmitted through the air, mostly in water droplets. When you are within two feet of an infected person, normal breathing can transmit the virus to the airways of a healthy person. A cough can transmit it up to six feet and a sneeze as much as 18 feet. So, when we are closer together for longer periods of time, the transmission is greater.

Here is an example of what can happen. A man and his wife come over from Canada and they are not feeling well. Nothing serious, mild fever and body aches. They stayed with their elderly parents for about a week. They visited their bothers and sisters and had a lovely time. I saw them about halfway through the week and recommend homeopathic Gelsemium which we use for viral illnesses, especially with body aches. They were much better by the time they left for home. But at least half of those people in all those families became ill. Most were slightly ill and have recovered with no treatment. I did give some of them Gelsemium.

We are seeing many more cases. Most are mild. Some people are very ill. “Worst case of the Flu I ever had,” is a comment I hear a lot. The ERs are very busy and the hospitals are at near capacity.

Believe it or not, there is a storm coming. Back in the day we did not have an App on our phones that showed us the coming storm, we just had dad’s painful appendectomy scar. The increased numbers are the painful scar. There is a really good chance that there is going to be a whole lot more sick people.

The good news is that currently we know much more about prevention and treatment of this infection. The better news is that the current death rate is much lower, and the cases seem to be generally milder. I looked back at April 2, 2020. 26,042 new cases and 1,049 deaths.  Yesterday. 124,390 new cases and 1,031.

How do we prepare for this storm? If it never comes, that is great. If it does you will be ready.

First, physical distancing and masks or face shields are really your first line of protection. Total isolation may be the best, but you are likely to go a little crazy and gain 50 pounds if you do that. Stop arguing about the effectiveness of masks. Just wear a mask or a face shield when you are out and about.

Here are my recommendations for prevention. You do not have to do all these things. If you are weak and have other conditions that put you at risk, then you might to do more of these preventive things to build your immunity. Do not over do it. Taking too much of these things can have unwanted consequences.

Get lots of rest, reduce stress, eat a diet low in sweets, and do you best to let go of fear. Listen to this CD.  Relaxation Coaching, A Healing Trip Through your Body It is 23 minutes and very effective.

Vitamin C 500mg 3-4 times a day

Vitamin D3 5000 units per day

Zinc 25 per day.

Bach Flower Elm if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Oscillococcinum one half vial of pellets once per week. Since homeopathic Oscillococcinum is such a good Flu preventer and the coronavirus symptoms are so similar to flu we recommend one half of a vial of Oscillococcinum once a week.

Vitamin E 400 units per day. Because some people develop the microscopic blood clots in their airways, we recommend Vitamin E 400 units per day (be sure to get (d) Alpha Tocopherol. This is natural vitamin E. The (l) and (dl) versions are synthetic. This is a natural blood thinner.

Fish oil, flaxseed oil, or any Omega 3 combination with the vitamin E are natural blood thinners and might help prevent the blood clots. Aspirin, Ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatory medications are blood thinners also. There does not seem to be any Reye’s Syndrome complications like there is with influenza so they are alright too, but they can cause digestive problems and other side effects.

Elderberry and Echinacea / Gold Seal. These are herbs that are immune builders. Probably a good idea to discontinue them if you do get sick.

For treatment, we are using prescription Zithromax 500 once a day for three days in the more severe cases. I have not been using Hydroxychloroquine or nebulized steroids, but some people received these in the ER and hospitals, and they seem to be helpful. Increase Zinc to 50 mg per day.

The natural treatments using homeopathy are as follows. Here is a study on homeopathic treatment in Italy. 50 people were treated homeopathically and none needed to be hospitalized.

Fatigue and body aches. Homeopathic Gelsemium 200C one pellet twice a day.

Fever. Homeopathic Belladonna 30C or Ferrum Phosphoricum 30C every 30 minutes for fever over 102 until fever reduces. A fever is part of our body’s immune system so do not knock it down right away with Motrin or Tylenol.

Dry Cough.   Homeopathic Spongea 30C one pellet every 30-60 minutes

Barking Cough.  Homeopathic Drosera 30C one pellet every 30-60 minutes.

Wet or wheezing Cough.  Homeopathic Antimonium Tart. 30C one pellet every 30-60 minutes.

Sore Throat. Homeopathic Merc. Sol. 30C one pellet 3-4 times a day.

Nausea. Homeopathic Ipecacuanha 30C one pellet after every episode of vomiting.

Loss of taste and smell. Zinc 50 mg per day

The remedy that we made in April still seems to be working for most cases. I have been following three men who are very ill, and the original remedy has made no difference. Their oxygen levels have been very low, between 88 and 92, normal is above 95. It is my theory that they have microscopic blood clots in their airways from the virus. This was a finding in a big autopsy study in Italy. One patient went to the ER. He did not have evidence of pulmonary embolism. Pulmonary embolism are the large lung blood clots that we sometimes see when people have a blood clot in their leg that moves up to their lungs. It is probable that the microscopic clots are so small that they are not going to show up on the CTs and other tests. With these men I made a new remedy from one of them and it seems to be working. Two of them were much better yesterday after three days on the new remedy. We will wait and see over the next week.

I also have been giving them two natural clot busters, Nattokinase and Homeopathic Lachesis 6C. This combination will dissolve fibrin blood clots. I have treated at least 20 cases where this has worked for strokes, blood clots in the legs, pulmonary embolism, and hematomas (large blood clots in soft tissue from injury).

If you are quite ill, you should get a pulse-ox monitor. If oxygen levels are low, below 93, then the natural clot buster is a good idea. Nattokinase is available in most health stores. The homeopathic Lachesis 6C potency is not a shelf item in most health stores. We have it and you can probably get it on Amazon. It is important to get the 6C potency.

The probability is good that most of us will get this infection over the next 2-3 months. Do not be afraid. Prevent this infection as long as you can. Treat it naturally if you become ill. You will survive it. You may consult me if you have questions or concerns: or you can go to our website to learn how to make a homeopathic Nosode remedy yourself to treat this. I know two people that have done it. One is all better in a few days and one just did it yesterday.

Stay well.


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