Protocol for Emotional Releasing

All of us have had conflicts with other people at some point in our lives. The memory of this person or events surrounding that person might still be influencing our thinking days, months or even years later.

Here is a simple and effective method for removing that mind virus that has infected your thinking.

Using a pencil, do not type them, write letters to any one with whom you may have had any conflicts.   Usually parents, bosses, spouses, ex-spouses, children, someone who abused you, someone you may have hurt, old friends, yourself, a diseased part of yourself, anything or anyone who has bothered you in any way. The letter may be ten pages or one paragraph.

At the end of the letter, you add the following statement:    “I will no longer carry your debt for you Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, or Spiritually.”

Then add:   “I love you, I bless you, I release you, I forgive you for everything I think you have done to me.” Write these sentences exactly as I have written them here.

Then read this letter and the endings, out loud three times and then burn it. Send the smoke to God and the ashes to the earth. You will feel internal emotional shifts, subtly or dramatically within three days of following this procedure.  

To see if there are still unfinished emotional attachments, simply think about that person or that part of your body.   If there are any unpleasant emotions, then you must write another letter. I once had to write to one person six times before the negative emotions were completely gone.

Write as many letters as you wish until you feel you have released all the old past stuff that you have been carrying around. 

Page three and four are used to help you remember emotional shocks and trauma that are often the source of undesirable behaviors. They need to be released from your emotional body. This exercise has proven to be very effective to let go of old, outdated baggage that most of us carry.

Here is an unedited letter from a patient who used this technique

After dealing with chronic hives for over 18 months and some great advice from a friend I made an appointment to see Bob Huttinga.

I have learned that my body does not react well to any synthetic medicines so when I had heard Mr. Huttinga PA, used homeopathic treatments I was very excited.  After a while into my appointment I could tell right away that the Lord had sent me to where I needed to be, to finally get the help that I needed. The hives were discussed, and a treatment plan was established. Which I must say after three weeks it is working great.

Also, in my appointment Mr. Huttinga could tell there was more going on with me than I even was aware of.  He asked if I was dealing with any grief and I had to admit that my dog had recently passed away unexpectedly and that I was still grieving over the loss of my Dad, gone 27 years and my Mom, gone 12 years. He suggested that I write them a letter. What? I thought. He explained the benefits of putting your thoughts down on paper and then after reading it aloud and then burning the letter this will help me to allow myself to let go of the grief and start moving on.  That these emotions may be adding to the chronic hives. So I thought what the heck I would try it.

You see I needed to make some medical decisions for my mother near her end and to this day I always questioned if I had done the right thing by her. I would remember that scene in the hospital every day. So, I wrote my parents a letter and told them I was sorry if I had caused my Mom any undo suffering.  That the decisions that I made I felt were right at the time. Then with time you question that. I also told them that I needed to forgive myself and start living life the way they taught me to….with no regrets.  I told them that I loved them and to please watch out for my dog that had come to them recently. That I was really going to try to let go of the bad memories and fill that space with good ones instead.

To my amazement two days later as I finished my prayers and was climbing into bed, I realized that, today I did not relive that horrible day. That I did not even think of it once. I was amazed! The letter worked for me and my grief. I know now that I may have thought it was a bit strange to do this, but I have written more letters since. To my husband, friends and even my dog. The load feels lighter, the shoulders more relaxed and even a lot more days of “hives free”.  Who would of thought that writing letters to those that we  love, we miss, even to those that are still here and have unresolved issues , would do so much good for the heart, the mind, and the soul.

Thank you, Mr. Huttinga, for everything you have done for me.  I thank God every day for healers like you.

PR 6-1-15

Emotional and physical shocks that reduce your level of health:

As you read this, construct a timeline of emotional events that may have affected you in a negative way. That is right. Go get some paper and a pen. Do it now. Then write emotional release letters to the people involved to let go of the negative background emotions that you might be carrying. Below is a list of situations that might have caused pain in the past, but still might affect you today.

            1.  Grief and Broken Attachment of Any Kind.    This can be the death of family member or a favorite pet.   It could be the loss of a job or missed opportunity.   I know a couple who built their own log home.   They cut and peeled and cured and notched all the logs by hand themselves.  It took over three years to build that house.  A few months after completion, a faulty appliance started a fire and burned the home to the ground.  Both have never been well since.

            2.  Lost Love, Real Or Imagined Loss of Romantic Relationship.   This is somewhat like grief, but subtly different.   It has to do with loss of a romantic, sexual relationship.   This can be real or imagined.   Your soul mate might dump you.   Brandi was in love with a rock star in a band she had never seen live.  She had all his music and paraphernalia. But she had never met the man in person.  Yet when he married someone, she was crushed for months.  She needed some counseling and homeopathic remedies to help her return to a normal life. 

            3.  Abandonment, Forsaken Feelings, Helplessness.         These feelings arise from real or perceived abandonment.   This can be related to a recent situation or it can be related to an abandonment event from childhood.   A child may be contaminated with abandonment issues because his parents were separated during the pregnancy.   This also applies to people who may be homeless or have no resources.   And this definitely is a factor in the emotions of children of divorce with an absent parent.   Some of us were abandoned by parents who were alcoholic or worked too much.

            4.  Mortification, Humiliation, Embarrassment, Guilt, Teased Excessively.   The emotional events that cause health problems in this category have to do with events in which we were very embarrassed or humiliated.   Rape can fit into this group.  Someone with a birth defect who was picked on may be affected their whole life by these kinds of events.   I care for a man in his forties who wet his pants while giving a little speech when he was in the fourth grade.  It has affected him his whole life.  He had magnified that event instead of minimizing it.   Some relaxation techniques and a homeopathic remedy have solved most of his issues.

            5.  Fright.  No matter what our age we can have frights.   The effects of this usually gradually subside.  However, sometimes they continue to cause problems.  I once saw a little boy with stuttering problems.   After taking a careful history the story unfolded that the boy also was afraid of bright lights and preferred to sleep in total darkness.   The cause of this was related to a visit to the ER after a fever seizure.  When he regained consciousness after the seizure, the extremely bright lights shining in his eyes left him with a general anxiety and phobia reaction to bright lights.   Homeopathic remedies resolved both the stuttering and the fear of the bright lights.

            6.  Bad News.    What is the worst bad news you can think of?   For some it is the death of a family member.   For others it is the diagnosis of Cancer or some other serious health problem.   We saw a patient with terminal cancer of the pancreas.   He did not have much pain, but he was very depressed and sad.   The homeopathic remedy Gelsemium made from the yellow Jasmine plant took away his shock from the bad news.  In one week, he was totally different mentally and emotionally.   He did pass away in a few months, but he had much more peace and serenity than before. 

            7.  Worry, the Anticipation of Bad Things Happening.   Some people have a mental habit of finding the worst in a situation.   Some always look for the worst-case scenario.   A minister at one of the churches I attended a few years back gave this good advice.  “Pray the solution, not the problem.”   If we can consciously take our mind off the bad, and mentally play simulations of what we would rather have instead, soon we will create a new habit of looking for the best outcome.    

            8.   Disappointment.     This can be a subtle emotion and is often cumulative from years of disappointment usually from a parent.   The child who is promised a trip to the ballpark or the zoo and then can not go due to the parent’s other obligations will often lose trust in parents, and other authority figures and spouses.   This lack of trust and sense of not being able to count on anyone can easily by restored by homeopathic remedies.  Other disappointments such as not winning a contest, losing a role in a play, not getting into medical school, or missing an opportunity, are often devastating. 

            9.   Over-Exertion of The Mind, Emotional Excitement.   Many children and adults suffer from this emotional situation.   Often these people are diagnosed with ADHD or hyperactivity disorder.  

            10.  Anger:    Real or Suppressed.     It is important to understand that Anger as an emotion is normal and actually good as a ventilating tool.   The trouble comes when the anger stays for a long time, or when it leads to violent actions.   Some families use the Five-Minute Rule.   This is very simple.  It is ok to be angry, but it can only last for 5 minutes.   After that it is time to forgive and forget.   Holding anger releases some chemicals into our blood that are very damaging to our tissues.  This greatly accelerates aging.  

            11.  Homesickness.   Some of us do not realize the devastating affect this can have on some people.   Sometimes when children leave home there is a period of homesickness.   Usually we get over it within a few weeks or months.    Often a child experiences homesickness when uprooted if the parents move to a different town for their work.  

            12.  Jealousy.   This is a huge emotional block which some people carry their whole lives.   The negative impact it has on the body chemistry is subtle, but powerful.  Often over time this emotion becomes chronic.  It will eventually attack a person’s genetically weak system, leading eventually to the production of some illness.  Not to mention the years of unhappiness that are associated with retained jealous feelings.  

            13.  Dishonesty, Theft    Most people have some event from the past that involves taking something that was not ours.  This can lead to low lying guilt, shame, embarrassment.   We need to make restitution if possible, then forgive ourselves and move on.

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