Another Cinfection Surge???

I have not written too much about the Cinfection lately as there has been a dramatic reduction in cases and deaths. Besides that, everyone just seems to be over their concerns regarding this issue. Mask mandates have been withdrawn and restrictions are being relaxed. Our attention has been drawn away from the Cinfection and now it is on inflation and the war in Ukraine.

We are all breathing a big sigh of relief. It feels like we might be past the misery of this infection. However, I am concerned that we are not out of the woods yet. There are reports of marked increases in Cinfection cases and deaths in China, Africa, and in Europe. There is talk of new variants and there has been a large increase in the coronavirus elements of the wastewater in American cities. I am an optimist, but I believe we could be facing another surge of Cinfection this spring and summer.

What can we do about this? Most of us are not going back to lockdowns and mandatory masks. Some people are vaccinated, but they can still get the infection. Many of us have been using vitamins, zinc, and a host of other supplements. There really does not seem to be any clarity on what the best preventive methods are.

In this article, I wish to offer my opinion on what we should do from here. Even though the CDC and the FDA have officially stated that the use of !ver-mectin for prevention and treatment of the Cinfection has no basis, the INH just published this study in January from Brazil that shows 70% reduction in deaths and a 67% reduction in hospitalization in people who took !ver-mectin once a week. Here is the link to that study.

This does not mean that you would not get the Cinfection, but it greatly reduces your risk of dying from it. We are recommending that people combine this with once-a-week use of homeopathic Oscillococcinum. This is the number one natural treatment in the world for influenza. Since the first stages of the Cinfection are much like the flu, it makes sense to use this as well as the !ver-mectin.

The next thing we recommend is to have the clot buster remedies, Nattokinase and Homeopathic Lachesis 6C, on hand to be used at the onset of illness if you did get infected. Since the mechanism of the serious complications of the Cinfection is microscopic blood clots in the airways and in the capillaries of the circulatory system it makes a great deal of sense to take these at the first sign of infection. It is not necessary to take them preventively. These two are available from The Healing Center in Lakeview, Mi. or from many health food stores, Whole Food Markets, or the internet. The dose is Nattokinase 2,000 IU twice a day away from food at least one hour and homeopathic Lachesis 6C one pellet twice a day, dissolve in your mouth after swallowing the Nattokinase. Because of the blood clot concern, we also recommend taking an enteric coated baby aspirin (81mg) once a day. If you are already on a blood thinner, you do not need to take aspirin. For natural blood thinning, if you prefer to avoid aspirin, you can take Vitamin E (400 IU) and some omega 3 oil each day.

Oscillococcinum is too hard to pronounce so we just say Oscillo. It is available at The Healing Center and at many pharmacies. The preventive dose is one half vial once per week.

!ver-mectin has limited availability because some states have threatened to restrict the licenses of pharmacies that dispense it and many doctors will not write prescriptions for it because they think it is illegal. It is not illegal; it is just not recommended by the CDC or the FDA and it is considered “off label use”. There are, however, many published studies that do not agree with their official position.

As a believer in choice, I think that patients should have the right to have this medication available to them if they desire to take it for prevention or treatment. We do not recommend the animal version of this because it is hard to dose correctly. The current recommendation for prevention is 3mg per 50 pounds of body weight once per week. Since the safety profile on !ver-mectin is so good, we are recommending 12mg for most adults unless they are very petite.

We have access to a few compounding pharmacies that make up the !ver-mectin capsules and will ship them. Even though I am currently under investigation by the state licensing board, I think this is so important that I am willing to write prescriptions for this medication for those who cannot get it from their own doctors. To do this legally, you must become a patient in my office, and we can do that with a phone consultation. You may contact me at You can get 20 capsules with two refills so you would be good for a year.

I sincerely hope we do not see another Cinfection surge, but if we do, it is wise to be prepared.

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