Mind Over Fat

It is time to move on. Time to think about something other than the Cinfection.

Over the course of my 45-year career in medicine, I have seen thousands of people struggling with their body weight and size. Lately, I have even had this issue myself.

One big question I have often asked, “Is your weight totally dependent upon your calorie intake and the amount of your physical exercise?” That concept is what we learned in school. Calories in, Calories out. If you do not burn them off, you will store them and gain weight. To some extent this is true, but it is not the whole picture.

Various experiments in hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) have shown how the human mind can affect the body. Some people are afraid of hypnosis so it is important to know that what you can do under hypnosis, you can learn to do without hypnosis.

Stress and tension can produce a retention of ingested materials, just as relaxation can allow a more thorough flushing and expulsion of the same. Constipation, gastric difficulties, and many issues associated with being overweight occur because of tense, negative mental attitudes. By relaxing and relieving a stressful attitude, many internal problems are relieved as well. Through the power of visualization and suggestion, you can actually eat what you desire and still normalize your weight! The elements of your ingested food can either be assimilated or passed. Your metabolic rate can either be stepped up or lowered, and you learn that you are in complete charge of all your bodily functions. I once saw a man create an eight-degree temperature difference between his right hand and his left hand. He did this by visualizing one hand in hot water and the other hand in ice water. Did that take practice and training? Of course, but if one human can learn body control something like that, others can also learn to control those automatic body functions.

As autogenic training and hypnosis have demonstrated, many physiological changes respond easily to suggestion and mental imagery. For instance, if you visualize a man sucking on a lemon, you salivate. If you imagine being buried alive or drowning, you internally experience panic. Frequently, the source of anxiety and panic in many people, are buried memories of traumatic events. It’s also easy to see how stress and nervous anxiety can replay worrisome visual memories that can affect your metabolic rate through fear. So obviously the absorption of carbohydrates, proteins and fats can be slowed down or sped up by your emotional attitude.

In one extraordinary study using hypnosis, imagery, and positive auto-suggestions, 22 female subjects actually brought about their own breast enlargement! PubMed published this research article: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/879054/ If fatty tissue can be accumulated and guided to the localized area of the breasts for increased size, why can’t fat in the localized areas of the waist, gut and thighs be decreased through a similar mental process? It can.

To begin with, since your subconscious mind often acts on your own self-expression, don’t condemn yourself about your weight. Never say, “All I have to do is look at food and I gain weight.” Or “If I eat this cake, I will gain 10 pounds.” Instead compliment yourself each day with affirmations like, “My body is perfect for me, and it is responding to positive changes” or “I am eating more sensibly and liking myself more.” and “Every day in every way I am getting, better and better.” Such affirmations are very useful while doing the visualization exercise. The more you give yourself such positive input, the more perfect and beautiful your body will become. Also, keep a joyful mental attitude about the exercise and it won’t feel troublesome to you. Tension retains weight, so relax and let your body respond to you.

Most animals maintain stable weights throughout their lifetime. If they are deprived of food or force-fed, they lose or gain weight, but it returns to its stable level when they are allowed to eat naturally again. By overriding the automatic controls with your conscious mind, you can shed excess fat from specific areas of your body.

Humans do not use their olfactory (smell) sense with the same ability as other mammals. Consciously smelling the savory essences of the food that you eat affects the satiety (sense of fullness) center in the limbic system and curbs the appetite automatically. The more aromatic the dish or the environment where you eat, the less the tendency to overeat. Chewing your food slowly and well slows the eating desire and allows time to pass so the sense of satisfaction has enough time to be created in your body.

For a beginning exercise, sit in your easy chair and relax all of your muscles completely from your toes to your head. Now imagine that an excellent meal has been prepared for you. Mentally sit down at the table provided for you and savor it. Mentally relish each morsel. Smell and taste each dish prepared for you. Feel the food being bitten, chewed, and going into your stomach and filling you up. Eat your dessert and drink your favorite drink. Now feel the full feeling of satisfaction. You will find that if you do this visualization just before you snack and just before a meal, you’ll be less liable to overdo it and maybe even lose the craving altogether!

Before going to sleep for the night, talk to your fat and know that it will dissipate or relocate soon. Direct your conscious awareness into it. Massage your overweight midsection while you express assurance and visualize your fatty cells breaking up and sloughing away. Give your midsection this “expectant directive.” Visualize the microscopic process of your food flushing through your system, and yourself allowing it to do so (this allowing is very important). Make the definitive statement, “I desire to be lighter and smaller.” Think and feel yourself thinner. Imagine wearing smaller clothing. Stop trying to “lose” weight; then your subconscious mind doesn’t have to help you “find” what it hears that you lost. Simply “release” or eliminate weight. Just normalize your body shape and size. Create in your mind a new size of clothing for yourself. Through these conscious directives, your body will respond.

Some visualizations will work better for you than others, so experiment with your own creations. You could visualize your stomach already full to capacity and not needing any food intake. You could visualize your food turned to a horrible color, or with an ugly smell, or a slimy flavor or a repulsive texture. You can imagine yourself to be very small on the inside of your stomach filling it up with foam. Imagine taking a pill that swells up, making you feel full. Create whatever imagery works for you and make it as real as possible by involving all your senses. Produce sounds, colors, tastes, smells, tactile sensations and kinesthetic feelings that assist you to feel smaller.

Throughout the day create visualizations that will raise your metabolic rate, such as imagining jogging, swimming, or making love. You’ll find the more you practice any visualization, the more vivid it becomes. You’ll also find that a peculiar time distorted process will take over and your expended real time on each visualization will be greatly shortened. You will then finally realize how visualizations coupled with your positive affirmation/intention and your exercise plan can bring about a weight normalization in your life. You will also begin to trust yourself more with better eating habits.

Be Well, Be AmaZing


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