A Call for Unity.

The mass hypnosis and mind control that is happening in the United States today is amazing. There is a great polarization of thinking perpetrated by both the right and the left. I never watch the news but the last few days I have watched CNN and Fox News. It is incredible to hear the exact opposite opinions of the same story. Both sides claiming to be broadcasting the truth.

As a result of probable organized planning on the part of leadership on both sides, the people of America have been programmed to believe in certain sets of ideas that create fear and confusion in all of us.

A very sad result of this, is the disruption of friendships and families as people hold fast to the ideas that they fervently believe to be true. Many people continue to promote this divide by their social media postings and forwarding of YouTube videos that support what they have been programmed to believe.

We are becoming more and more isolated. First, the lockdown mandates and the fear of death from this infection. Second the confusion about the infection and vaccine promoted by the media. Third the lack of consistent leadership by both republicans and democrats. Fourth, the loss of trust in our government to do what is best for us. Fifth, the loss of trust in our media.

The result of all of this is that many of us are suffering from stress, anxiety and fear of the future. Many people have a version of PTSD, where all we can think about is what is going to happen to us?

The serenity prayer from Alcoholics Anonymous is very appropriate at this time.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

We must manage our own worlds. We need to learn to relax without drugs and alcohol. We must evaluate our own situations. What can we do to fix the stress in our own lives? First, stop watching the news. Stop posting your beliefs and spouting off on what you think are solutions for the world’s problems. Focus on your little piece of this. Bridge the divides that have occurred with your own friends and family. When we do this, we begin to calm down the big picture and reduce the mass hysteria. Imagine what peace in this country would look like.

Some people blame Trump and the republicans. Some blame Biden and the democrats. The reality is that the responsibility for this divide is on both sides. And we, the people are suffering as a result. It is like a couple of bullies fighting for power and we get sucked into one side or the other.

A few years ago, nobody really cared if you supported the republicans or the democrats. We secretly voted and went on with our lives. Now we are being pushed into a dangerous polarity. If we carry it into our personal lives, everyone suffers.

You and I can do hardly anything to change what happens in Washington. Complaining does nothing. Posting your thoughts and feelings only promotes the divide. We can only fix our own world.

If there is division in your life, do your best to re-establish unity. Find ways to deal with your fears. Learn relaxation and meditation techniques. Use natural medications, herbs, and homeopathy to deal with the fear of the future. Mend the fences where there is disruption in relationships with friends and family. Agree to disagree and continue to build your life.


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