The Hundredth Monkey Phenomena

A number of years ago, some anthropologists were studying the habits of monkeys on some islands in the ocean off the shores of Japan. They found one particularly smart little fellow and taught him to wash his food before eating it. He learned to do this quite quickly.

Soon the other monkeys in his family also began to wash their food before eating it. Later, this behavior spread to other monkeys in the clan. About the time when one hundred monkeys were washing their food prior to eating it, suddenly all the monkeys on all the islands, some thousands of miles away, began to wash their food before eating it.

This surprising observation became known as the Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon and has been repeatedly observed. The theory is that when a critical mass of thought develops, it somehow is transmitted to all members of the species who have that type of brain.

This same phenomenon is true in humans as well. It is part of the reason we have trends in fashion, in the economy, and in politics.

This may explain what is happening in the world today. The fear, anger, and frustration felt by all of us during the political scene of the last three years and during the shutdown of the last three months has built into an internal frustration in all of us. If we are not able to discharge it with healthy thinking, meditation, and prayer, it builds and contributes to mass thought, just like the monkeys.

We must continue to clear our own emotions and remain as happy and as peace- filled as possible.

Forgive those that have wronged us personally and then forgive those that are participating in the riots and those that are stirring everything up. Forgive your political opponent, even if you think they are ignorant and stupid. Continue to focus and pray the thought of peace for the entire world.

Imagine all of humanity working together for the good of the earth and its people.

 Put Your Health in Your Own Hands.


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