Infection Phobia


One of my friends, a doctor from up north, asked the question yesterday on Facebook, “Do you feel safe?” There were many varied answers. There were lots of political comments. But nobody said they felt totally safe.

Before all this started back in February and March, we really did not think very much about safety. Sure, if you have experienced some sort of trauma, that would have left you with a certain amount of fear about that kind of situation. And yes, there were some germaphobes out there. But right now….. nearly everyone is a germaphobe.

Why is this? Because in the last two months we have been bombarded with news, experts, conspiracy theories and vague leadership. As a result, we are experiencing confusion and lack of direction.

What are the recommended solutions? Stay at home. Stay away from each other. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Use hand sanitizers. Scan the internet for preventive solutions.

As human beings, we need socialization, family gathers, church meetings, clubs, card games, friendships, bowling, drinking and dancing, golf outings, the beach, camping, and workplace socialization. We literally need all the social activities that we have loved. But now we have been suddenly torn from our comfort zones. Now we feel isolated. We feel fear. We feel anxiety within ourselves. Those who are empathic are feeling the anxiety of others. We might feel depressed about our future. We often feel abandoned by our leaders, our doctors, our ministers, our friends and mentors.

People are afraid to go to their doctor or chiropractor. People are suffering. Sure, lots of minor complaints are now being managed at home, but many serious things are being overlooked. People with diabetes and hypertension are not getting their follow-up evaluations. Cancer diagnoses have been very low for the last two months. There is a 40% decrease in tests being done for evaluation for possible strokes. Does that mean there is no cancer and people are not having strokes? No, people are just ignoring symptoms which normally would lead to any early diagnosis and treatment. People with chest pain are staying home because of fear of the infection or they are afraid of the hassle at the hospital ER.

Depressed people are more depressed. Anxious people are more anxious. Healthy people are overdosing themselves on herbs and supplements that they hope will help them. All because we have been told that we are not safe outside of our homes.

When this first started, it was appropriate to err on the side of caution. Some pandemics have had very high death rates. We did not know what this thing was going to become. I was frightened myself. We came home early from Florida. I made some preparations for a worst-case scenario. We laid in extra food and supplies. We hunkered down like everyone else. Lakeview was a ghost town.

It is easy now, months later, for lots of Monday morning quarterbacks to criticize and blame. That does no good. There is still a great deal of fear.

But when the good doctor, who has had to close his practice and may never re-open it, asked that question, “Do you feel safe?”, I answered, “Yes, 100%.”

How can I be so certain? Because I have enough information now to know how to treat this if I get it and I believe now that the economy and the country will not collapse because of this illness.  While I know that it can be serious and many people have died, it is not so severe that a large portion of the population on earth are going to die out, like some pandemics of the past.

We have had enough success now with our homeopathic treatments to have a high index of confidence that this infection can be effectively treated in most if not all cases. As of this writing, 19 of 20 patients that we have treated, have completely recovered from this infection. The one person who is still ill had a bacterial pneumonia also and had to be hospitalized. Unfortunately, she only had one day of homeopathic treatment before her oxygen got too low and she had to go in. I realize that 20 patients are not really enough to have full confidence that this will help everyone, it is still enough for me to feel safe.

Why did we feel safe before all this? Because we had confidence in our bodies. We knew that our immune systems would handle most infections. We knew that we could go to the doctor for help if we needed some additional advice. Now we have been brain washed by the media and the government that our bodies are not smart enough to keep us healthy. They say we must stay apart and isolate. There is no talk of nutrition. No talk of the need for hugs, love, compassion, consolation, joy, and companionship.

A few nights ago, we had an electrical problem at my grandson’s house. We called an electrician. He came over with his wife who was bored at home. He diagnosed the problem and then we sat and talked for quite some time. It was wonderful. It was healing. My daughter visited from out of state for a week. No masks. No worries. It was wonderful. It was healing for everyone. I know if we get sick, we have the tools to fix it.

How can we feel safe? Because we know it is all going to be okay in the end. We know how to treat this. We know how to live again.

If you are curious, visit our website, There you can read some articles about homeopathy and this infection. You can watch some videos on how you can make your own homeopathic remedy, how to manage your stress and how you can improve your emotional health. You can read the answers to frequently asked questions. You can order books that will help you understand and feel safe again. You will see that there are solutions to this mess, so that you can again be in control of your own situation.

You can Put Your Health in Your Own Hands, literally.


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