Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated by many in honor of their mothers. We should be grateful for the women who bought us into the world. I am forever indebted to my mother, who although not perfect, did the best she could with what she knew and the meager resources she had. She gave me a great foundation upon which I could build my life. For that, I am eternally thankful.


But what about those mothers who have no living children or those who are estranged from their children? What about those people who had horrible mothers or absent mothers? What about those who were adopted and have many questions? There are thousands, perhaps millions of people for whom this past Mother’s Day was not a happy time. It is to those folks that I address this article.


In addition to those with unhappy memories around this day, there are also very many people who have unresolved issues with their mothers (and fathers too). Our biological mother is our life giver; therefore, we will always have some sort of connection to her even if she has passed away or has never been in our lives in a meaningful way. If there was never a full relationship with our mother, there is an emptiness that might be very obvious, or it might be hidden under the surface of our consciousness. This sense of lack can cause us all sorts of issues as we try to fill that void.


No matter the situation, there are some very simple and effective ways to fill that sad place with joy or at least a neutral feeling so memories do not keep sabotaging our lives.


So, if you are a mother or a child with less than complete, unconditional love for the other person, this emotional releasing technique is going to help you feel better.


Begin by writing a letter to the person involved. You are NOT going to send this letter to anyone. It is for your personal emotional healing only. Put anything in the letter that you wish you could say to the other person. It can be two paragraphs or ten pages. At the end of this letter, write, “I will no longer carry this debt physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. I love you, I bless you, I release you, and I forgive you for everything I think you have done to me.”


Based on certain scientific principles, it is especially important that these words be written exactly as they are here. Then read the entire letter and the endings aloud three times and then burn the letter. In the burning ceremonial send the smoke to God and put the ashes in the earth. Usually you will feel some relief immediately or it may take a few days of integration. In a week or so, think about that person again. If it is cleared, then you will feel better. If you still feel bad, then write another letter. I once had to write six letters to someone before I was healed of the emotional pain. If the rift is “big” you will need to chunk it off a bit at a time.


This can be done with anyone with whom you have had conflict. You can use this technique to heal any relationship: spouse, ex-spouse, parents, children, grandparents, employers, employees, friends, and enemies. Anyone.  As you do this your life will become whole and holidays like Mother’s Day will no longer be painful and sad.


Have a joy filled life and Put Your Health in Your Own Hands.


For more complete information on this and other topics see Bob’s books, A Shortcut to Success and Put Your Health in Your Own Hands.


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