Corona Virus Update 4-4-20 We Must Go Back to Work

This blog is going to be very different from the others I have written. Last night I awoke physically, emotionally and mentally. The awakening was this: We must go back to work.

Having spent my whole career as a Healer / Helper, my focus has always been on how to extend life and make the journey of life more fun, interesting, and successful. That is why for the last week or so I have been preaching wearing masks to preserve your health and stay well.

It is now time to go a step beyond and look at the bigger picture. The whole world has been put on hold. Businesses and personal lives have been vastly altered. We have been fearful for our own lives. What if I get this virus and die? We have been overwhelmed with opinions and theories and blame and finger pointing. The frustration and anger were clearly seen yesterday in the dialogue of my post.

It is time to stop focusing on who is right and think about what is right.

Our world is built like a house of cards. If one segment falls, the rest becomes very unstable. When we stop work, that world becomes very shaky. As long as all the parts keep going, we can keep it all together. But, now we are like that deer in the headlights. We have become paralyzed. By fear, by government mandates, by lack of services, by shortages, by the discrepancies in the stories, by bloggers and hoax promoters, and by many other things.

We are entering a critical time. We have to return to work. Let’s wear our masks and protect ourselves but let’s restart the engine of this world.

We have been coasting. What will be the cost of that?

Many people are going to die from this virus. However, on a lighter note they will soon be replaced with the baby boom of 2021.

Seriously, we must restart the world. If not, the supply chains will begin to fail. Look how easily we were out of toilet paper. Talk to your bosses. Talk to your senators and congressmen and women. Call the governor’s office. Talk to your local law enforcement officers. Tell them you want to go back to work or you want to reopen your business. We must end the quarantine. We must go on with life.

Yes, the virus will spread even faster. More people will die sooner, but that is going to happen anyway. We have slowed it down enough for the medical communities to get better prepared. Now, we must move forward. If we do not fix this now, only the Amish and the survivalists are going to get through this because 90% of the earth’s population cannot sustain themselves.

Everyone of us played a part in the world before. Suddenly, a huge part of the machine quit working. We can salvage this. It will not look like it did before. Ultimately, it will be better. If we start now, we can still save it, otherwise it is going to get very ugly.

We must go back to work.

Will some of you get sick? Probably most of us will get this virus. The good news is that most of us will survive the illness and then we can get past it and continue to rebuild an even better world.

Some of us will die. So, like I said in previous blogs, YOU must make peace with that. If you believe in eternal life after physical death, then no worries. If you do not, then it will not make any difference anyway. Death might be a portal to another dimension. Nobody really knows for sure what lies beyond, if anything. That is why we are afraid. The unknown.

What we do know is that as living beings we have a life cycle. We are born, we live a while, and then we die. We have created many stories about what lies beyond. Whatever your story is, make peace with that. Then move on with your life as long as you can.

Be sensible. Protect yourself as much as you can. But stop all the nonsense of trying to figure out how you can beat this virus. Let your mind, your body and your own immune system do its job. People are doing stupid things like nebulizing peroxide into their lungs and drinking fish tank cleaner because there is hydroxychloroquine in it. Wash your hands when you have contact with others but relax. You do not need to wipe every surface in your environment with disinfectant. Be reasonable. Sure, do not lick the counter top in the checkout at the grocery store. Just do what you have always done. Practice good hygiene.

Stop reading every internet article that you can find. Stop re-posting everything you read. Stop watching the news. Stop looking at Worldometer or the CDC website. You are alive, be thankful. Start putting your world back together.

Stop for a moment. Get a grip. Know yourself. Trust yourself. Trust your intuition. Trust your God if you are a religious person. Let go of your fear and get back to work.

4 thoughts on “Corona Virus Update 4-4-20 We Must Go Back to Work

  1. The article was exactly what i have been thinking. I’m 67 in good health, i abid by staying home, washing my hands, i don’t wear a mask because I am home. I get plenty of fresh air because I live in the country but we need a purpose for living we get that feeling by working. This is the first year I’ve been really serious about gardening, i have a purpose to feed those that are hungry and welling to cook


  2. If you actually were to follow the science you would never have posted this. A question for you to answer to yourself, I don’t care what your answer is, if you knew for certain that your own family members would die if we went back to work, would you still advocate an immediate return to week?


  3. Bob, i have been your patient for a long time. I value your advice on most things, but you are not right on this one. It is true we can not let fear rule us, make us doubt ourselves, become depressed, or so anxious we are not able to function in our daily lives. We do need to trust ourselves, and know that death will come to us all at some point. But this country is dealing with a virus, a serious virus that threatens both young and old alike. We can not be selfish and say ” we need to go back to work”. we have meaning if we work or not. I am semi-retired, but my work right now is to realize that this pandemic will pass, and to appreciate that staying home has disavantages and advantages i have not looked at in a very long time. I am working. I am making masks, and making food, and making calls of encouragement, making calls to my clients to check on them so they know i love them, and that they are stronger than they believe they are, and that they can do this “shelter in place thing”. The pandemics before needed to separate people from their jobs, BECAUSE DOING SO , THEY DID NOT RUSH OTHERS TO DIE, OR BECOME VERY SICK. Stores shut down, the economy faltered , but it came back, and ours will too. Work is not who we are, even for those of us that work too hard, and put too much of self into work. We are not our work, sure it gives us meaning, but hopefully we will realize that if we work or not we are still extremely valuable.

    It is a puzzlement to me that you think we are going to have such shortages that we will not recover from this, we will. This country has a pandemic, not a food shortage, the reason there was no toilet paper is not because there was not toilet paper, it was because peope could control buying toilet paper, when they could not control if they got the virus or not. Fear, never experiencing anything like this before was what caused the hoarding. What we have to do is say, yes, you will probably get sick, some will die, most , many more will live. But saying we should go back to work and infect others is pure selfishness. Women wait nine months to deliver their babies, it is tough sometimes, swollen feet and hands, back aches, waddle walking , you get the picture, but just to get it over with we don’t forget rush it along, we know that is the condition we are in, and what we get at the end, is worth the discomfort, we depend on the love and the delight our little one will give us. We women are willing to put up with pain, and discomfort, because we know to be selfish would be wrong, we have to put our own discomfort aside for our baby. The same principle holds true with this pandemic. We have to be sensitive to the needs of our fellow brothers and sisters. If people go back to work or school, we infect others, we cause them pain, possible death. It is wrong to do that. We wait, we trust ourselves, we think postitively about who we are, what is important to us, and how when one of us suffers we all suffer. ” Love thy neighbor as thyself”.

    When this is over, and it will be over like in South Korea, we will go back to work. We will build our economy back , and we will have learned from this, that what makes us whole is when we can look past our own needs and see that we are all connected in deep and rich ways.

    You sound too scared to me. This is not what i have learned from your wisdom in the past. You are not a selfish man, going back to work and failing to be patient, kind and thoughtful of others is not who you are. I send you thought and prayers for contentment, the way you have offered contentment to me and others through your healing advice and care. Wanda Villet


  4. 1/5 of all people hospitalized. We all get it at once, we lose a LOT of people.There’s not enough equipment or medical personnel. And the more people get the virus, the more room it has to mutate into something worse.


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